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Answers to some questions

How is the fabric Alora uses called sustainable?

Alora fabric is made from plant-based products and is biodegradable. The term sustainable fabric refers to fabric made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo plants. Alora fabric is derived from bamboo plants which are fast-growing and need very little water, fertilizer, and pesticides. Alora fabrics are soft, breathable, and antibacterial. This fabric lasts longer than traditionally made fabrics, is very soft, hand-washable, and is also hypoallergenic for a better sleeping material.

Will you adjust the price of an item that goes on sale shortly after I purchase it?

Most of our items are unique in size, shape, or color. That being said if we release a collection with multiple pieces, we will be able to adjust prices and give you credit for the amount within 3 days of the price drop and purchase.

Can I order out-of-stock styles with Alora designs?

Each of the Alora designs is made in limited quantities, under 50 for most styles. We will consider bringing old designs back after high demand. Email us with your request, and we will confirm with the supplier.

Does Alora have more than scarves?

We have kaftans, winged tops, crop tops, bags, and cards. Keep checking the website or join our email list for new additions.

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