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The Alora Story


Alora is the dream of an artist to bring art and design into everyone's life.

The idea was founded in 2000 in Spain and has finally been put into production with valued supporters and partners to become a story to be told by friends and family.

Alora Dzigns is supporting the village that makes our product from thought to production and getting it in people's hands. From design thinkers like myself to digital tool creators, I am thankful for; printers who are using suitable inks and printing with care so as to give the look of an original painting; fabric manufacturers who are creating beautiful satin, silk, and chiffons from recyclable materials and organically sustainable materials; organizations who support women in need to help create packaging for us from repurposed fabric; drivers who run around getting the shipment to our customers and to us; it truly takes a village to make this small piece of fabric for our indulgence and to bury our face in its folds for comfort. We want that village to thrive. Now you know who you are supporting every time you buy the Alora scarves.

We know the unique design and high quality of our fabrics and prints are enough to keep people coming back, but we’re also highly committed to customer satisfaction and we take pride in offering our valued customers creative collections for each season. 

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