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Artist Monika Mittal

In Monika's world, art is not just a passion; it's a way of life—a bridge that connects hearts, minds, and souls. Through her artistry and advocacy, she continues to enrich lives, one stroke at a time.


Monika is an artist and fashion designer whose creative journey unfolds through the vibrant hues of acrylic and watercolor paint. Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels and diverse readings, she weaves a tapestry of imagination onto her canvas, capturing the essence of nature's elements. Her artistic collection encompasses a diverse array of subjects, from intricate floral motifs and avian wonders to whimsical paisley doodles.

What sets Monika's work apart is her intuitive use of mixed materials with paint. Incorporating feathers, beads, and other textured elements, she elevates her pieces to tactile realms, inviting viewers to feel the depth of her artwork. Her dedication to immersing art into people's lives extends beyond the canvas; it's a philosophy embodied in her venture, Alorabymonika. Through this platform, she transforms her artwork into wearable pieces, seamlessly blending fashion and art.

Driven by a passion for sustainability in the arts, Monika's vision surpasses traditional gallery walls. Her artwork finds home in unexpected places, gracing the corridors of Emory Johns Creek Hospital, adorning the halls of Johns Creek City Hall, and the iconic walls of the Gwinnett County Historic Courthouse. But her advocacy for fellow artists goes beyond mere display; she actively champions their cause through her involvement with the Johns Creek Artist Guild, tirelessly seeking opportunities to showcase their talents in diverse settings.

Monika's creative journey is as diverse as her artistic expression. With a master's degree in computer science and a background in the corporate world, she brings a unique perspective to her craft. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her ownership and operation of businesses, including preschools.

As an artist, fashion designer, and small business owner, Monika aims to spread joy and upliftment through her work. She delights in painting vibrant, happy scenes that bring smiles to people's faces. Her paintings are not just decorative pieces; they are sources of joy and inspiration for those who take them home. With each brushstroke, she instills light and positivity into her artwork, ensuring that they serve as uplifting reminders in the lives of their owners.

Art showcased at unique locations


Johns Creek City Hall, Johns Creek GA

Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Johns Creek GA

Fulton County Office, Atlanta GA

Johns Creek Arts Center , Johns Creek GA

Doraville Arts Center, Doraville GA

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