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About Me

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I, Monika drive all my initiatives with a true passion for making it successful.

I strongly believe every person needs to bring art in their lives and enrich their life’s experiences of travel , food and work with art. I recently launched Alora as a fashion accessory brand, with the concept of adding art and color in everyday life. I am an artist and have presented and sold artwork in local galleries and also at the gala events of many nonprofit organizations.

As Media Strategist Consultant, I love to work with companies that I believe are on the right path of growth. These founders and owners just need that extra push for generating the relevant marketing assets based on their values and mission.

I have a Masters in Information Technology, from NJIT, New Jersey. My career path started in the corporate world as a tech professional. I have worked in New York, with financial and insurance firms like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. After a few years of managing tech projects, in the financial industry, I wanted to explore the field of education and business. I spearheaded an early childcare education business alongside my entrepreneurial husband and have been successful in growing the company. In that role, I got an opportunity to lead marketing initiatives and design effective curriculums for early education, which then sparked interest in art and content creation.

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