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Alora is a collaboration of Art and fashion.

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Alora is a collaboration of Art and fashion. My acrylic and watercolor original artwork is printed on fabric after being digitally enhanced. This fabric is then converted into scarves , kaftans , tunics and tops. This concept produces some very unique high quality designer fashion pieces for a very few. All prints are printed in limited edition numbers and then the designer wear pieces for them are also very few. Essentially, you have fashionable unique garments to add to your wardrobe. With these essentials you create your own style and dress to impress; one of a kind look.

The fabric of these pieces is sourced from Mexico and handmade with sustainable plant resources like bamboo and honey and milk. Most of the pieces are also hand rolled for a quality seam by seamstresses in India who work hard to provide for their family. It takes a village to get one fine piece of garment for you, so we all would love to see how you cherish it :-)

We are constantly looking for artists to print their designs on fabrics. Goal is to make art a financially viable career. The concept is to support art appreciation in everyday life by making it fashionable.

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