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Authencity Project and Alora

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As I was reading the book, I did realize that everyone,including myself, lies about their life. I don’t know if we can ever be completely truthful with ourselves and people around us but I can answer the question asked in Authencity Project, What would happen if we shared the truth? My paintings are my truth. What would happen if I shared those? I guess I am scared to find out hence I am still creating an illusion of promoting and marketing the scarves. Even as people wrote in the book claiming that’s the truth of their lives it was not what they really wanted, maybe there are many times in life that one doesn’t know the truth themselves.

The one thing that defines me is the ideas that come to my mind and the thoughts behind making them new and different so the project can stand out and gets a life of its own. What would be the one thing that defines you? Share with us what’s on your mind

The Authencity Project is written by Clare Pooly

Alora collections is by Monika

My Authenticity project
Sunrise on Earth

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