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Rivers in Costa Rica

My first scarf sold to Kate, encouraged me to write more about my story of Costa Rica and how the the painting colors came together. Few years ago on our trip to we found this place with rich landscapes and full of colors around its streets, forest and its rivers. One can see flowers floating in the rivers, frogs around the shallow waters, sand and stone in colorful attire around volcanoes. Travel enriches my mind with images of mother nature at the balances it has created in our life. Costa Rica enthralled me with its varied terrain, rainforests and volcanoes and with its beautiful people who are very kind and generous with their thoughts and time.

We all say we love nature in its earthen beauty so I tried to bring those colors in my painting but more than that I wanted people to wear these colors. Alora is an idea to collaborate my art with my love for travel and fashion.

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