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Who We Are


AloraByMonika combines art and fashion. Our designs are inspired by artwork created by our in-house designers which is then transformed into luxurious scarves, tops, and dresses. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of clothing or art, AloraByMonika has something for everyone.

We believe in creating pieces that make a statement, that captivate and inspire, and that are unique to our brand. Our ultimate goal is to provide clothing and art that stands out and makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Red scarf stole for wearable art style


At Alora fashion art, we create unique pieces that blend both art and apparel. Our speciality is fabric artwork that we transform into beautiful scarves, tops, dresses and more. Each piece is designed to help you express yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Our mission is to help you look and feel your best. We strive to provide you with quality pieces that are designed with love and care. We are passionate about helping you show off your style with confidence.

scarf from London rose painting fashion designer


At Alora fashion art, we take pride in creating unique pieces of art that can be worn. Our mission is to empower people with an opportunity to express themselves through our art and apparel. We use a variety of techniques to apply artwork to fabric, which is then transformed into scarves, tops, dresses, and more.

Our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and the vibrancy of life, and we are passionate about sharing this with the world. Visit our shop to browse our collections and find the perfect piece that reflects your individuality.

wearable art for high fashion style
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